We offer a variety of amazing tortes and cakes that are sure to be the hit of the party!

—  tortes  —



serves 5-10
4 layers


serves 15-20
4 layers


serves 25-30
4 layers


serves 40-50    
4 layers

1/4 sheet
serves 30-35
2 layers

1/2 sheet
serves 60-70
2 layers

Tiered Cakes
Simple textured buttercream cakes to add elegance to any event.
Price includes choice of cake stand, fresh flowers & set-up.
add white or dark chocolate shavings – 1-tier $30.00, 2-tier $50.00/$75.00, 3-tier $100.00

1 tier outline cake.jpg

Cutting Cake

serves 20-30

2 tier cake outline.jpg

2 tiered cakes

serves 30-40

serves 60-70

3 tier cake outline with white background.jpg

3 Tiered Cake

serves 90-100


—  flavors  —

-fresh berries may be an additional charge when not in season

                Cookies n’ Cream              
chocolate cake, vanilla cream, sandwich cookies

 chocolate cake, chocolate mousse, coconut, pecan 

                         Mint Chocolate                        
chocolate cake, mint frosting , chocolate chips, ganache

chocolate cake, marshmallow, gram, chocolate mousse

chocolate cake, chocolate mousse, chocolate shavings

                         Cannoli Cake                       
white cake,  ricotta cream, chocolate , toasted almond

yellow cake, lemon curd, lemon buttercream

          Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup        
 chocolate cake, peanut butter filling, chocolate mousse

white cake, lime curd,  lime buttercream

                Chocolate Toffee                
chocolate cake, chocolate mousse, toffee, ganache

                      Chocolate Raspberry                    
chocolate cake, chocolate mousse,  preserves, fresh raspberries

chocolate cake, whipped cream, cherries, 

                    Raspberry Cream                    
white cake, whipped cream, preserves, fresh raspberries

                         Salted Chocolate Caramel              
chocolate cake, chocolate mousse, caramel, sea salt

                    Chocolate Strawberry                    
chocolate cake, chocolate mousse, preserves, fresh strawberries

yellow cake, mascarpone, coffee, cocoa, whipped cream

                             Strawberry Cream                         
hite cake, whipped cream, preserves, fresh strawberries    

        Pink Champagne    
pink champagne cake, buttercream, white chocolate

cream cheese mousse, raisins, walnuts

                     Banana Foster                
banana cake, cinnamon, caramel, cream cheese mousse, candied walnuts

white cake, buttercream, sprinkles

                    Strawberry Shortcake            
white cake, pastry cream, fresh strawberries, cream cheese mousse

                                Coconut Cream                            
    white cake, coconut mousse, toasted coconut    

         Chocolate Toasted Coconut    
chocolate cake, coconut mousse, toasted coconut

                         Mocha Coffee                        
chocolate cake, chocolate mousse, expresso, ganache

            Earl Grey Lavender            
white cake, earl grey tea, lavender buttercream    

Bumpy Cake
chocolate cake, buttercream, ganache

Chocolate Honeycomb Crunch
chocolate cake, chocolate mousse, ganache, honeycomb crunch 

chocolate cake, chocolate mousse, apricot preserves, grand marnier, ganache

Caramel Cream
yellow cake, caramel, buttercream

Blueberry Cream
white cake, whipped cream, preserves, blueberries