Our yummy cupcakes are available in three different sizes with many delicious flavors to choose from.


—  cupcakes  —

-fresh berries may be an additional charge when not in season


mini's -  $.75,   regular -  $2.75,   ginormous -  $6.00
minimum orders are required for each flavor of cupcakes
3 dozen minimum for mini, 1 dozen minimum for regular, 1/2dozen ginormous

cookies n' cream
chocolate cake, vanilla cream, sandwich cookies

mint chocolate
chocolate cake, mint frosting, chocolate chips, ganache

chocolate cake, chocolate mousse, chocolate shavings

chocolate raspberry
chocolate cake, chocolate mousse, preserves, fresh raspberries

chocolate cake, marshmallow, gram, chocolate mousse

chocolate toffee
chocolate cake, chocolate mousse, toffee, ganache

chocolate cake, whipped cream, cherries

chocolate toasted coconut
chocolate cake, coconut mousse, toasted coconut

coconut cream
white cake, coconut mousse, toasted coconut

raspberry cream
white cake, whipped cream, preserves, fresh raspberries

chocolate strawberry
chocolate cake, chocolate mousse, preserves, fresh strawberries

strawberry cream
white cake, whipped cream, preserves, fresh strawberries


yellow cake, lemon curd, lemon buttercream

white cake, lime curd, lime buttercream

cream cheese mousse, raisins, walnuts

white cake, buttercream, sprinkles

mocha coffee
chocolate cake, chocolate mousse, expresso, ganache

yellow cake, mascarpone, coffee, cocoa, whipped cream

chocolate cannoli cream
white cake, ricotta cream, chocolate, toasted almonds

chocolate cake, chocolate mousse, coconut, pecans

pink champagne
pink champagne cake, champagne buttercream

banana foster
banana cake, cinnamon, caramel, cream cheese mousse, candied walnuts

strawberry shortcake
white cake, pastry cream, fresh strawberries, cream cheese mousse

earl grey lavender
white cake, earl grey tea, lavender buttercream

chocolate stout
chocolate cake, stout, chocolate mousse, chocolate shavings

bumpy cake
chocolate cake,  buttercream, ganache

chocolate peanut butter cup
chocolate cake, peanut butter filling, chocolate mousse

caramel cream
yellow cake, caramel, buttercream

Blueberry Cream
white cake, whipped cream, preserves, blueberries