handpainted cakes

Our handpainted cakes are customized for your special occasion and theme of your party.

handpainted cakes

nothing makes a party quite like the perfect cake……

let us create a custom handpainted cake for your next special event. please call or email us for a quote and

we will get back to you as soon as possible.

handpainted cake flavors

Cookies n’ Cream
chocolate cake, sandwich cookies, buttercream

Red Velvet
red velvet cake, buttercream

pistachio cake, buttercream

Triple Chocolate
chocolate cake, ganache, chocolate buttercream

Black n’ White
chocolate cake, ganache, buttercream

White Chocolate
white cake, buttercream, white chocolate

white cake, buttercream, sprinkles

Cherry Nut
cherry cake, almonds, buttercream

Chocolate Cinnamon
chocolate cake, cinnamon buttercream

Strawberry Lemonade
strawberry cake, lemon buttercream

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